Withdrawing from GameChanger

You are free to stop participating in GameChanger at any time. You can stop participating by simply deleting the GameChanger app from your smartphone.

Deleting Mezurio from your Smartphone

If you have an Apple iPhone, open your home screen, tap and hold the Mezurio app icon until it begins to “wiggle”, an X will appear, tap the X to remove the app, press the home button to finish.

If your device runs Google Android, open the Settings app, and choose Applications or Apps, then “Manage Applications”, find Mezurio in the list of apps and tap on the “Uninstall” button.

Deleting your Research Data

If in addition, you would like to us to remove all the data that is current linked to you, please fill in the form below. You will receive one further email containing a link. Please click on the link to verify that you’re the real owner of that email address. When you have done this, we will begin the process of removing your data from our research study.

To withdraw from GameChanger, you will need to provide the same email address which you used to join.

Withdrawal Form

Please confirm you wish to withdraw
please enter a valid email address
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